Values of Mice Service Group

Values are the foundation of every decision!

Passion – Commitment
For us, passion is the commitment to achieving a goal. Beyond this, it entirely shapes the way we work, by equipping us with further attributes such as perseverance and dedication. It is also the engine of our creativity and enables us to sell our services and offerings with the necessary conviction regarding our products, but also in regards to the significance of our actions.

Trust – Certainty
Trust is the foundation of our actions. We lead the company towards jointly developed goals. By delegating responsibility, we encourage initiative and the personal development of each individual. In our eyes, this is the basis for sustainable trust. Ultimately, people will rely on those who have earned their trust. In many areas, it is the foundation of collaboration and a prerequisite for creating and maintaining a healthy, fair and just environment that benefits everyone.

Humour – EnjoymentFrom day to day, it is important to us that we enjoy doing what we do. A member of staff who enjoys performing the various tasks his or her job entails invariably works with a considerable degree of motivation. And it is exactly this motivation that we regard as the driving force which can propel a company to peak performance. Humour is also the reason why an occupation becomes a vocation. All of this would be unthinkable without deriving a measure of enjoyment from what we do.

Respect – Appreciation
Respect for others is characterised by the appreciation of every individual. Respect for the values of each individual. This is particularly evident in a healthy way when a person does not belittle his or her counterpart’s opinion – even if he or she has a different opinion. Embracing criticism, openness for the opinions of others and being aware of interpersonal interactions in our daily working lives are other aspects that are indispensible to a respectful coexistence. 
Individuality – Personality
We respect the diversity of individual characters and people and create for our employees a workplace where they can contribute fully according to their individual talents and aptitudes. We particularly value the positive attitude towards independence and challenges that attests to every employee’s ambition for personal development. Achievements and successes are reached in different ways and by different approaches. Strengthening the awareness of individuality equips employees to approach tasks in a considerably freer and more creative manner. The recognition of individuality also strengthens appreciation of differing opinions.

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