Purchasing Management

Best Price Guarantee and verifiable savings in hotel purchasing.

Cost optimization through structured hotel purchasing 
Based on your requirement profile, our team of MICE consultants source free of charge the most suitable conference locations and service providers for your event. You will then receive our proposals clearly presented for optimized offer comparison. We are also happy to conduct purchasing negotiations with your preferred venue, ensuring that you achieve verifiable savings.  

Booking according to best-buy principles 
Transparent organizational procedures are essential to control and volume bundling in purchasing. Strategic purchasing allows us to secure the best available corporate and promotional rates, volume discounts and standardized packages for convention centres. You have access to the negotiated agreements at all times. This means that you are optimizing your expenditure while maintaining a comprehensive overview and full control of the costs.

We are happy to conduct corporate rate negotiations and contract drafting on your behalf, backed up with figures that show verifiable cost savings.  

More quality for your conference Management
Strategic purchasing contributes significantly to a measurable quality enhancement in your event organization. With our efficient booking and procurement system at your side, compliance with travel and meeting guidelines is automatically ensured and further optimization potential made visible. Long-term contracts with service providers assure you of consistently high standards and create a best-practice culture for your sector. The introduction of standardized contracts and possible annual tendering refines the procurement process by reducing the number of time-consuming individual inquiries. And we can implement unified payment methods in order to optimize invoice auditing, payment, cost assignment and controlling.

Strategic MICE management

Cut costs, save time, create transparencies.
The strategic MICE Management Model Overview.

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