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15 - 2000
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Networking and interlinking knowledge, processes and the respective players are essential in today's complex professional world and ensures sustainable success within the competition. Establish a successful network with your co-workers and visualize your existing network which requires to be strengthened or expanded. Flexible connections, agile teams, interwoven pieces of knowledge; networking across teams, cross-company or even internationally are visualized by this concept. I have envisioned you.

We divide your participants into micro-teams, each of which ties together a part of the large network within a given timeframe. You decide whether the action should take place indoors or outdoors. Optionally, the teams must carry out additional tasks, such as brainstorming on a given topic and writing it down on a ball for the grand finale. How does a successful team develop from highly specialised lone individuals, an international, sustainable network from self-sufficiently working branches? BE surprised by the impulses!

In several phases leading up to the grand finale, the individual sections are linked to form the entire network. Of course, one cannot leave out the "weight-bearing capacity test" as the highlight of the big finale. With Mexican waves and skilled team coordination, the visualized information by means of the balls is transported across the network from one department to the next. The individual energy unfurls in the joint pursuit, the knowledge spreads playfully, visually traceable and thus memorable for the participants. New insights on knots suitable for everyday use, coordination and the organization of a newly formed team, are immediately put to the test. Only by self-contemplation and joint involvement can a project be successfully started and carried out.